Geerte Frenken was born in 1964 in Amsterdam, Holland. Her career as an artist started at age 18 when she was awarded with a recognition in the Guinness Book of World Records for creating the world’s longest painting, “Van Polder tot Stad,” commissioned by the City of Amsterdam.

After graduating from the Academy of Art in Utrecht (Holland) in 1987, Geerte was awarded with “The Andy Warhol Scholarship.” This enabled her to graduate at The New York Academy of Art in 1991 and obtain a rare Master of Fine Arts Degree in Art Anatomy and Renaissance techniques.

Through the eighties and nineties Geerte co-founded several artist communities such as De Moira and De Fabriek in Utrecht (Holland) as well as Umbrella House in New York City. She also organized several multi-media projects and group exhibits in both Europe and the United States, executed both public and private commissions and exhibited her work.

In the late nineties Geerte owned and managed Fine Art Gallery “Figure it out…!” in New York City, located at “Paul’s Boutique,” aka Beastie Boys Square.

During that time Geerte also organised the Lower East Side Art Gallery Collective “The Edge” and her art work was reviewed in art magazines such as “While You Were Sleeping” and “Direct Art Buyer”.

Simultaneously, Geerte worked as an Ethnography Research Assistant at the National Institute of Health – Centers for Disease Control (NDRI), facilitated Ibogaine treatments, and published as well as presented her Harm Reduction research data at conferences and congresses worldwide (New York, NY; Washington D.C.; Madison, WI; Frankfurt, Germany; Berlin, Germany; Sayulita, Mexico).

In the late Nineties, Geerte received training in 3D animation at the Center for Advanced Digital Applications at New York University. She produced traditional animation, character modeling and 3D animation for Animation NYC (National Video Center and Recording Studios Inc.) in New York City. She then moved on to become the Lead Character Modeler at Pulse Entertainment in San Francisco, CA where she modeled, textured and rigged 3D models for clients such as Warner Brothers, Nike, Britney Spears, Budweiser, NBC, Mattel, KROQ, CBS Moneymarket, Anatomical Travelogue, etc.

Geerte went on to co-own design businesses Aloha Web Designers on Kauai, Hawaii and Spectrum Art Studios in Penn Valley, California.

Since 2006 Geerte has been lecturing, developing curriculum and managing faculty as a Visual Communications Professor and Remote & Hybrid Learning Expert at several colleges and universities across the United States such as The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, DeVry University, The University of Texas at Austin, Miami International University and American Intercontinental University. She continued her career as Visual Communication and International Communication Professor at Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen, The Netherlands.

Since 2016 Geerte has been devoting her time raising awareness regarding the judicial trafficking of children as talk show host of “Hell is for Children” and as co-founder of non-profit organisation “The Mother-Child Human Rights Foundation: Mothers ReVolution.”

A detailed description of her careeer can be found on LinkedIn


• 2016 Group exhibit “Arising” with Yoko Ono, Reykjavik Art Museum, Iceland

• 2010 Group exhibit East Austin Studio Tour, Austin, TX

• 2008 Group exhibit “Water: The Common Experience”, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX

• 2006 Group exhibit “Ibogaine and Art”, Alex Grey’s MicroCoSM  Gallery, New York City

• 2002 Group exhibit “The Spirit World”, GI Arts Council, Lihue, Kauai

• 1999 Group exhibit “Emerging Artists”, Limner Gallery, New York City

• 1998 Solo exhibit “The Art Peep Show”, Gallery Figure it out…!, New York City

• Solo exhibit Gallery Figure it out…!, New York City; gallery collective “The Edge” at “The International Fringe Festival”

• Solo exhibit “The Moira Series”, Gallery Figure it out…!, New York

• Group exhibit “Different colors”, HSS Gallery, New York City

• 1993 Group exhibit “Kiss My Ass”, Gallery Exploding Sky, New York

• 1992 Solo exhibit Gallery Herengracht 308, Amsterdam, Holland

• 1991 Group exhibit “Diploma works of MFA Graduates”, New York Academy of Art

• Group exhibit “The Freedom to Create”, CB’s 313 Gallery – CBGB, New York

• 1990 Group exhibit The New York Academy of Art

• 1987 Solo exhibit Gallery Oudegracht 380, Utrecht, Holland

Solo exhibit Gallery Arti et Amicitae, Amsterdam, Holland

• Group exhibit “Start ’87”, Apeldoorn, Holland

• 1986 Group exhibit Multi-media Art Festival “Ruimte in De Ruimte”, Utrecht, Holland

• 1985 Group exhibit Art Festival “Kunst, Krisis of Keerpunt”, Apeldoorn, Holland